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Accommodation in our hotel

On the day of your arrival, we will be expecting you between 3pm and 7pm.  Since we do not have a front desk at the pension, we kindly ask you to please call us at lest 15 minutes prior to your arrival.

During your stay you can store your bikes in the back yard or inside the pension.

We offer four parking spaces on our premises.  If all of them are taken up you can also park on the street in front of the pension.  Please let us know so we can give you a parking card.

Because of the pension location leave your pets and other animals at home, please.

Accommodation rules can be found here.

Single Room with additional foldable bed

Double Room

Double Room with additional foldable bed

Tripple Room

Triple Room with additional foldable bed

Nová novinka
Nová novinka
What's new

Do you like to excercise but your back hurts?  Would you like to have a nice figure but do not want to wear yourself out getting there?  Actors, actresses and models in Hollywood have found the secret a while ago.  You can join them.  Our pension will be hosting Pilates courses lead by certified Pilates trainers (Pilates Institute).  Look for more information here.